Between Two Fires – a gripping read packed with mystery, romance and suspense


I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new novel Between Two Fires.

It’s a gripping read packed with mystery, suspense and interracial romance and is set on Elysian Island, a fictional retreat for the superrich in the Caribbean.

It revolves around Rudy Philips, a struggling Black British journalist. He’s quite handsome and a charmer and women find him irresistible but he has one fatal flaw; he figures that any woman who catches his fancy is there for the taking.

His latest pursuit is Bridget Tennyson, an incredibly gorgeous American stockbroker.  She has Rudy so enchanted he can’t help giving in to his craving to have her.

The problem is she’s married to the world-famous British aristocrat, Lord Edward Tennyson. What’s more, Bridget is a smart and sophisticated career woman and runs a highly successful stock-trading firm on Elysian Island, just off the coast of St. Lucia where Rudy was born. This doesn’t faze him, nor does the fact that Bridget is way out of his league and the two of them come from completely different worlds.

But Rudy’s got one thing going for him. Bridget is frustrated with her husband but she’s crazy over Rudy. Rudy figures if he plays his cards right he could hit pay dirt and win a woman any man would die for. Bridget assures him that she has the perfect plan for getting rid of Edward, permanently.

The big question is, can Rudy who is used to having women eating out of his hand, handle a woman like Bridget who is an independent thinker, calculating, tough and ambitious?

What’s more, they both know that if they slip up and Edward discovers what’s going down, there’s going to be hell to pay.

At its core, Between Two Fires tackles the controversial issue of what generally tends to happen to the male ego when a man is confronted with a woman who is independent-minded and empowered,, knows exactly what she wants and is intent on being true to herself and her ideals.

It is also a story of betrayal, revenge and murder.

Between Two Fires is the first volume of the trilogy, ‘Dread Desires.’ It’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Smashwords and other online bookstores. Secure your e-copy today for just US$2.99.

What Readers are Saying

“Williams creates a sort of Caribbean crime noir novel which manages to not just fit the genre well but open up a lot of interesting possibilities with the storytelling. There’s no reason not to read Williams’ novel if you are a fan of crime thrillers or murder mystery. It’s wonderfully refreshing to have a new locale and a new take on a tried and true formula.” Daniel Casey, 

“Believable characters with realistic motives. Quite descriptive but wonderfully so and the back story was explained in relevant detail that made you feel like you knew the characters after only a few pages.” Mel Russell, Goodreads.

“A good murder mystery for anyone who like this genre to try. I enjoyed the book.” Alysia, Riley Amos 

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