Write an article on ‘Generation-Y’ and get a cash prize of $200

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Readwave, the online platform that helps writers promote and share their stories and articles and gain exposure, is inviting bloggers and writers from all over the world to share their views on the topic of ‘Generation Y’ for an opportunity to win a cash prize of US$200.

Generation-Y is one of the hot topics being debated all over the world as more and more people ponder what the future holds for this cohort, also known as the Millennials, or the YOLO Generation.

The Pew Research Centre, an American think tank, lists the Millennial birth range as those born after 1980. It’s the generation dubbed by some as the “Why-can’t-I-have-it-now” generation; a generation that is glued to social media and into selfies, drunken snapchats, instagramming, and for whom picking up a smartphone or going on the internet has become second nature.

Every generation has its own set of values, aspirations and challenges, and that’s what makes the times we’re living in so exciting, notwithstanding all the uncertainties and challenges we face.

Readwave has launched this new initiative in a bid to stimulate debate and generate new insights on the topic. It invites writers and bloggers to write an article expressing your thoughts on Generation-Y and submit it to the website for an opportunity to win a cash prize of $200.

Rob Tucker, Managing Editor at ReadWave.com, explains:

Robert Tucker

“We’re calling all bloggers, writers, thinkers, part-time philosophers and aspiring journalists to write an 800-word article on the theme of Generation-Y. Enter it into our Gen-Y competition on ReadWave and the article that receives the most ‘likes’ will win a cash prize of $200 (or equivalent value in your local currency).

“We accept entrants from all over the world. Articles that are over 800 words will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is 14th April. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/OobECW.

For more information about Readwave, check out the article Discover a New World of Stories at ReadWave on Caribbean Book Blog.

Also, check out Readwave on Facebook.


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