V S Naipaul’s secret notebook

For all those who have been influenced by Sir Vidia’s simple, evocative prose, here is a secret. The author apparently carries a notebook in the pocket of his suit for everyone to see, and another in the pocket inside. “When I meet people and start talking to them, I don’t take any notes. It is only after they have finished, that I bring it out and request them to go over all that they have said. This time, I write in long hand (I have never been able to master the short hand) and I realise they too take their time to share their thoughts, speaking almost as if in a long hand themselves.” Read more in The Times of India.

4 responses to “V S Naipaul’s secret notebook

  1. Very interesting! Sounds almost like a detective asking a witness to go over his testimony. The Patrick French biography was a fascinating insight into what shaped VS Naipaul – really enjoyed reading it.

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