Filmmaker shines spotlight on Caribbean Culture and writers from the region

Ann Armstrong Scarboro, Ph.D., president of the video production company, Mosaic Media, is a specialist in French Caribbean, French, and ethnic literatures with over twenty years of experience as a university professor and high school teacher. She uses her films to promote international and inter-cultural understanding by featuring French Caribbean writers and artists from the African Diaspora along with selections from their works and the historical context of their ideas.

“We believe that the works of many of these individuals merit much greater attention than they have received to date, both from educators and from the general public,” says Scarboro.

In conjunction with Susan Wilcox of Full Duck Productions, she has produced eight educational DVDs under the series title, Ethnic Expressions from the Mosaic of the Americas. They include Edwidge Danticat Visits her Haitian Roots, Aimé Césaire, Poet and Statesman and Maryse Condé Speaks from the Heart.

In an interview with Daily Camera she said, “I wanted to give a platform to individuals who I considered gifted and brilliant and to help others realize that people from different cultures can be bright, brilliant and have a lot to say.” Read more in the Daily Camera

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