GlobalWriters Launch ‘Surreal’ Competition

An invitation to authors around the world from

Just to let you know that we have launched a highly unusual new free competition, one that is literally surreal.

The competition deals with surreal writing, the ability to produce work that is truly absurd. It offers the chance to see your work in print as well as the chance of a cash prize.

What on earth, we hear you cry, is surreal writing? Well, it tends to be humorous and was first really seen in the nineteenth century. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are excellent examples, using illogical thinking and absurdity for humorous effect. Many of Edward Lear’s nonsense stories and poems are also basically surreal in approach. And some of you may already have seen that I have blogged about the wonderful Exploits of Engelbrecht, for me the finest surreal fiction ever.

But why, we also hear you cry, do you want to run a competition like that? Well, the idea has come from Gary Shove, one of our directors here at Certys and a publisher of illustrated books under the imprint of Carpet Bombing Culture. He is sponsoring the competition. Gary is currently working on a book about the new wave of surreal photography, a form of photography that uses montages and similar techniques, which is due out next year. As well as information about the pictures, Gary also wants to include creative writing on a surreal theme.

The competition is seeking stories of no more than 2,000 words long, which must be surreal in nature. However, Gary says that he will welcome shorter stories, even pieces of flash fiction.

Any selected stories will receive a prize of £100 and will be featured in the book. The competition is free, the deadline is 31st December, 2010 and they can be entered by cutting and pasting them onto the group set up for the purpose.

All the best

John Dean

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