T&T Film Festival to benefit from Pioneering Exchange Set to Take place in Film Industry

Photo credit: Trinidad & Tobago Film Fesival/Facebook

Two world renowned film festivals are embarking on a pioneering exchange programme to share the best of the Commonwealth’s diverse films and cultures. The exchange, taking place between the Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania, and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival will see films from one region screened at the other, in the first exchange of its kind to take place.

The objective of the twinning, a model initiated and supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, is to maximise on the ability of both partners to promote and distribute African and Caribbean cinema to audiences throughout the Commonwealth, introducing them to new films, creating opportunities for networking and building lasting bridges among key film festivals.

In order to achieve these goals, both festival directors will travel to their counterpart festival to learn about new ways of working and take away creative ideas. Directors and filmmakers will also take part in panel discussions and networking events.

Seven films chosen by Dr. Bruce Paddington, Director of TTFF, will be shown at the Festival of Festivals programme at ZIFF 2010.

“I am very excited that the Trinidad and Tobago film festival is able to be a part of such an exciting new initiative,” said Dr Paddington.”We look forward to learning from ZIFF, one of Africa’s leading film festivals, and sharing experiences so that TTFF10 can continue to lead the exhibition of film in the English speaking Caribbean”.

 Director of the Commonwealth Foundation, Dr Mark Collins said:  “We are delighted to support this innovative partnership between two festivals. The Audiences should have access to a wider range of cultural offerings from Commonwealth countries and we have worked with both festivals individually for a number of years now. Making links between them is the next step in giving greater exposure to some of the great films being made today throughout the Commonwealth.”

The first phase of the exchange will take place at the Zanzibar International Film Festival scheduled for July 10 – 18, 2010.

 Check out the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival crew on Facebook.


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