Caribbean writers self-publish to crack industry barriers

With most of the world’s big publishers showing little or no interest in publishing books by new writers, what hopes do Caribbean authors have of getting their work in print and out into the market?

Jamaican authors Tanya Batson-Savage and Kellie Magnus speak to the Jamaica Observer about the challenges of self-publishing and why they felt impelled to bypass the traditional publishing route in favour of publishing their own work.  Read more >


5 responses to “Caribbean writers self-publish to crack industry barriers

  1. Such a relevant article. Congrats to Tania and Kellie and best wishes for all their future endeavors. Seems like more of us will have to follow their example.

  2. I am a writer who finds it difficult to engage a publisher.
    I have written six manuscripts, and have not published any.They range from Autobiography, fictional, and spirituality.
    I was born in Jamaica. I am 81 years old with a wealth of experience, gathered while traveling the world.
    My books are:- Beyond the Fence, Can The Desert Bloom Again, Unlocking The Mystery of Memory, Mr. Delete, The Twisted Metal, A letter from a Father to a Son.
    Is it possible for you to assist in achieving my desire.

    Gladstone D Meyler

    • Hi Meyler,

      I am a young aspiring writer of children books and haved faced similar challenges.

      I am considering self publishing, could I suggest you do the same.

      I would like to network with you to examine the possibilities out there.



  3. Dear Tanya,

    I would really like to buy your book ‘Pumpkin belly and other stories’. How can I do this?

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